✨Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Cart Rentals✨

Ice Cream Cart Rental in Rochester/Finger Lakes


.....Make your event a little “cooler”.....

About Us

Confetti Carts is an old-fashioned ice cream cart rental company located in Rochester, New York.  You can rent just the cart or stock it with prepackaged ice cream novelties.  The look of the cart can be customized depending on your event.  We deliver the cart and set it up with an umbrella and menu board and then pick it up when your event is over.  Carts do not need any electricity and can stay cold for six hours (more depending on the weather and how often the doors are opened).  For a multi-day rental, just plug the cart in overnight in a standard electrical outlet and it will be ready to use the next day!

Having a festival and need a unique vendor?  Let us know and we would be happy to sell our ice cream novelties at your event!