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Ice Cream Cart Rental in Rochester/Finger Lakes

.....Make your event a little “cooler”.....

.....Make your event a little “cooler”..........Make your event a little “cooler”.....

Frequently Asked Questions - Ice Cream Cart Rental

Why would I want to rent an ice cream cart anyway?

Renting an ice cream cart with your choice of novelty products makes any kind of event more  unique, memorable and fun! Whether you are having a school event for elementary, middle or high school students to a wedding, corporate or community event, everyone loves ice cream : )

How does this service work?

Once you decide your event needs an ice cream cart, request a quote.  We will come and drop your cart off with your preselected novelties, umbrella and menu board. We don’t usually provide a server, but if one is needed, we may be able to provide one based on availability. After your event is over, we will make arrangements to pick up the cart.

I want to rent a cart, what’s next?
Request a quote and we will contact you. 

I am planning a festival and need vendors, would you be available to come and sell your products?

Sure! As long as we aren’t already booked, we can sell our prepackaged novelties at any festival or event.

How long in advance should I book the cart?
The earlier the better, but at least a month in advance is optimal.  If something comes up last minute and we have a cart available and inventory in stock, we would be more than happy to rent it.  Depending on how close the booking is to your event we might have to substitute some products with other similar ones.

If my event is outside, what happens if it rains?
The rain isn’t the best for the ice cream cart, so you can choose a new date or get a refund.  It will be fine if it’s under a tent.

Do the carts need to be plugged in?
No.  They have cold plates that will keep anything in  it frozen for at least 6 hours.  It will stay frozen for longer depending on the weather and how long the doors are kept open.  If there is an outlet close by, it can be plugged in for the whole duration of the rental.

When is my cart delivered?
We will work this out with you depending on where and when your event is.  If the event is in a secure location, it could be dropped off the night before and picked up the day after.  If the location is not secure (like a park)  we will pick up and drop off the day of.

How mobile is the cart?
It has wheels and can be pushed on hard surfaces, however, it is very heavy (about 300 pounds).  It will not go up stairs and it does not go on grass very easily.  The cart will not fit through a standard doorway.

How much will fit into a cart?
About 500 novelties or 8 3-gallon tubs of ice cream.

Can you return the ice cream novelties that weren’t  eaten?
No.  Anything still in the cart at the end of your rental is yours.

Do you need to purchase ice cream novelties with a rental? 

What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, Check or Venmo.

When is payment due?
A week before the event. 

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